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Rubber Matting & Tiles

Technically advanced rubber-based matting is suitable for most external deck protection applications.

Durable ribbed rubber matting provides a good anti-slip deck protection while inter-locking rubber tiles can be used to create excellent heavy duty deck protection pads. One version has superior drainage capabilities and another offers heavy-duty shock absorption for use in creating Drop Zones for containers and equipment on deck.

Bevelled edging strips are available for the perimeter of areas created with dovetail edge tiles to reduce the trip hazard and allow easy access for trolleys etc.

Ribbed Matting
3.0mm x 1.0m x 10m @ 4kg/m2
6.0mm x 1.0m x 10m @ 8kg/m2
9.0mm x 1.0m x 10m @ 12kg/m2

Rubber Tiles
17mm x 0.5m x 0.5m @ 4kg
17mm x 1.2m x 1.8m @ 40kg

Rubber Matting & Tiles Datasheet